How is d-mannose manufactured

D-mannose is manufactured from birch and beech trees without using solvents. The process to extract d-mannose consists of using a strong light to charge the ions of mannose which allows the mannose to stick to a collector plate where they are scraped off in sterile conditions.

The process which extracts the mannose is called photosynthesis which is a clean process using light to create a charge on the ions which dissolves the mannose and produces only pure bio-active d-mannose which is effective against e.coli the cause of 90% of bladder infections.

Beware of so called pure d-mannose on the internet.D-mannose which is not natural will not dissolve in water leaving a chalky white mixture in the bottom of the glass, natural d-mannose will dissolve in the bottom of a glass of water.

Synthetic d-mannose is not manufactured the same way as natural d-mannose and is not as effective meaning you might have to take 2 or 3 times as much as natural d-mannose to achieve the same results.

Natural d-mannose is more natural to your body as our bodies make d-mannose but ony in small amounts,compared to synthetic d-mannose which is manufactured using fillers some synthetic d-mannose have nearly as many fillers as d-mannose.

What would your body ask for if there is a bladder infection in your body natural d-mannose which our bodies make which will not be alien to our body OR synthetic d-mannose with fillers and other chemicals we don't know anything about.....

If a person has a bladder infection the last thing is to irritate the bladder infection with synthetic d-mannose which could make symptoms worse rather than natural 100% pure d-mannose which our bodies produce.

D-mannose is used as an alternative to regular medication.