What is d-mannose

D-mannose is a simple sugar. It is close to a glucose type sugar but not exactly like one. Unlike a glucose sugar this simple sugar moves through the urinary tract so slowly that the body (more closely Pancreas) does not recognize it as a sugar even though it is. Because of this it is sent to the bladder for evacuation. D-mannose is actually made within the body although in such small amounts that it passes through the body in urine. In larger concentrations it can help the body clean itself of bad bacteria that find their way into the system.

How d-mannose works

D-mannose works on the principle of strength in numbers and weight. The bad bacterium is sticky and sticks to the wall of the urinary tract. The d-mannose does the same thing except that it sticks to the bad bacterium, and is even stickier then the bad bacterium. As the d-mannose continues to stick to the bad bacterium it pulls it off the wall. From there everything is just carried away during voiding.

Who Can Use d-mannose

It may sound a bit too convenient to say, but the answer to the question of who can use d-mannose is everybody. From kids to adults, d-mannose can be used by just about anyone without fear of harm. The natural compound is safe and effective for all ages and conditions. Some may benefit a bit more then others in removing the infection but everyone will feel a huge weight lifted from their bladder, kidneys or urethra